Wiring Money-What You Need To Know

Scammers come up with all kinds of convincing stories to get your money. And many of them involve you wiring... more

Credit Cards: New Law Protects Consumers from Surprise Fees, Rate Increases and Other Penalties

In May, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 — the... more

Points, Cash Back and Other "Rewards" from Your Bank: How to Cash In on the Right Deal

For decades, banks have given gifts for simply opening a new account. (Remember the free toasters?) But in recent years,... more

Mortgages: Attention, Shoppers! New Rules Will Help You Get a Fair Deal

Shopping for a mortgage can take time and effort. And choosing the wrong mortgage can be costly — in the... more

How do I know if it makes sense to refinance?

To determine if it makes sense to refinance, you need analyze the amount that it will cost you to refinance... more

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